Study BIM? No problem at VŠB in Ostrava!

Full-time and combined form of study program Civil Engineering - BIM Engineering at VSB - Technical University of Ostrava (VŠB - TUO) is available! This two-year master's program emphasizes the coordination of construction processes in the BIM environment within the digitalization of construction. Applicants must complete the admission procedure for a follow-up master's degree program in the form of written examinations. The entrance exam is waived for applicants who have already completed a bachelor's degree program in another specialization with VSP ≥ 77.00 points at FAST VŠB-TUO. A new number of candidates is given by the amount of VSP or the achieved point evaluation in the written entrance exam. Follow-up master's program Civil Engineering - BIM engineering follows the bachelor's program Civil Engineering (4 years). Graduates of the follow-up master's program can continue in the doctoral study program in Civil Engineering, in the study program where subjects are from the field of information modeling and construction management. According to the university's website, graduates will find employment in the following positions and gain many skills:


  • BIM specialist
  • BIM design manager
  • Technical supervisor
  • State administration worker
  • Facility manager
  • BIM coordinator


  • BIM manager
  • BIM design
  • Facility management
  • Planning

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